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Study - Work - Live In Singapore

Why Study In Singapore

Singapore offers a dynamic education system with cutting edge offices. The standard of education is amazing over all dimensions, beginning directly from the essential dimension. Aside from the state-funded schools, Singapore likewise has 30+ international schools that pursue the remote education system for offspring of exiles. The 5 independent colleges of Singapore are positioned well all inclusive and all other private organizations of advanced education (PEIs) are controlled by the Council for Private Education (CPE.)

Cost of Education In Singapore

The educational cost for undergraduate students comes to around INR 12-20 lakhs for every year. This relies upon the program and the university picked.

The educational cost for postgraduate students comes to around S$ 23,522.88 – S$ 39204.80  i.e INR 12-18 lakhs for each year. Postgraduate students can likewise have their charges sponsored on the off chance that they agree to accept a cling to serve the Singapore Government for a long time. For therapeutic programs, for example, physiotherapy and dentistry, expenses for the clinical year are a quarter higher than the charges for ordinary programs.

Cost of Living In Singapore

Singapore has one of the most noteworthy living models in South East Asia. Day by day necessities and extravagances are promptly accessible. The following are estimations of what amount is required amid your stay in Singapore. They do exclude educational cost charges and travel expenses from your nation of origin to Singapore.

An international student in Singapore spends, overall, about S$750 to S$2,000 per month on living expenses. This sum will, of course, change contingent upon your lifestyle and course of study.

Basic Expenses:

Average Monthly Expense
Rental (University Halls of Residence) 475 21,911.75
Meals (at university hostel) 350 16,145.50
Bus Transport (Concessional) 52 2,398.76
Public Trains (Concessional Pass) 45 2,075.85
Grand Total 922 42,531.86

Note that rentals may change from college to college and a sum is just a normal number.

About Visa & Charges

Subsequent to getting their offer letter from the ideal establishment for a specific course, students need to apply for student go to enter Singapore. Foundations in Singapore will document the Singapore student go for Indian application for the benefit of the students to Singapore immigration and Checkpoint Authority (ICA). Applications are submitted through the Student’s Pass On-Line Application and Registration (SOLAR) framework. New applications for a Student’s Pass must be submitted no less than one month and not over two months previously the initiation of the course.

Visa Cost

Processing Fee:

A processing fee of S$30 (Rs 1,538) is required for each application submitted to ICA. The fee is non-refundable. For accommodation, by means of SOLAR+ you’ll be required to make installment by credit/charge card or web saving money.

Issuance Fee:

An S$60 (Rs 3,076) issuance fee is charged on each student’s pass issued and a further S$30 different passage visa fee. The fee is payable when the fruitful candidate finishes the custom to gather the Student’s Pass.


Singapore has risen as the most recent participant in the international education industry and inside a limited ability to focus time, it has picked up a notoriety for itself in this space. So as to draw in increasingly international students, numerous colleges both private and open are putting forth different scholarships. Aside from this, students can profit by a ton of different associations offered by various associations and governments. We have recorded a portion of the well known scholarships for seeking after advanced education in Singapore.

Top Universities in Singapore

National University of Singapore

National University of Singapore

The National University of Singapore is an autonomous research university in Singapore. Founded in 1905 as the King Edward VII College of Medicine, NUS is the oldest higher education institution in Singapore & it is the best.

Nanyang technology University

Nanyang Technology University

The Nanyang Technological University is an autonomous research university in Singapore. It is currently ranked 12th in the world and was awarded amongst the 7 fastest-rising young universities globally.

Singapore Management University

Singapore Management University

Singapore Management University is an autonomous university in Singapore. The university provides broad-based business programmes modeled after the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.


Singapore is a country known for its academic excellence, and it has courses on offer that are affordable. The Ministry of Education (MOE) provides financial aid to international students studying in Singapore.  So Explore your overseas education in Singapore with SES EDU today by filling in the contact form, get in touch with our experts.

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